Monday, November 21, 2005

MTV GameORS week

MTV GameORS week

Well last night, November 20th 2005, started off MTV’s GameORS week. They opened the week off with “Life: I’m a Professional Gamer” which was followed by some pointless show following some dudes trying to win Microsoft’s Hex contest.

Personally I really enjoy watching the True Life: I’m a Professional Gamer, which followed three different people who played three totally different games. MTV followed Tom “Tsquared” in his MLG Halo2 playing and his team Str8 rippin, Chris “KillORZ” in his MLG Super Smash Bros: Melee performance, and the American Girl Gamers team, Game-X, in their Counter Strike, on the PC, tournament in Paris.

All three separate people’s lives were interesting but as I saw it, the show focused less on Gaming and more on the “coolness” factor some of these people bring to gaming. Even though I think it took a wrong direction it was awesome watching Tsquared cuss out someone who was talking smack.

The only surprising thing for me out of all of this was that how much money people could make from gaming professionally. The Gamer-X team ended up winning their tournament taking home 10 thousand Euros, which is pretty close to 10 thousand bucks here in America. Team 3D, who ended up beating Str8 rippin in their final tourney, won $6,000 for a conference championship. While the winner of the Super Smash Bros: Melee tourney winner took home over $1,000.

The other show had nothing to do with gaming at all; it was more like people making pointless videos for the chance to win tickets for the Microsoft Zero Hour thing in the desert. Some videos were funny while others were just plain retarted. I didn’t catch the end but I believe that four teams of 30+ people won. If your watching MTV and see this starting, change the channel it was completely pointless.

Hopefully this GameORS week will get better, so far I’m not that impressed with all the hype this had. Sims life looks to be a good show, which will be following people who try to live the game in their every-day lives. I don’t fully know what will be on the show but it still sounds like a good watch. Other things MTV will have is “exclusive” videos and trailers on games, most are already out on either IGN or the games website, but MTV doesn’t want to tell you that. Also check out the Video Mods, which will be music videos filmed inside a video game, but not machimina style, more like cut scene style.


Saturday, November 12, 2005

Backwards capability and launch title lists revealed for the 360

Microsoft and Xbox have finally released the list of games that Xbox360 buyers will be able to play. With 19 launch title games and over 200 returning games from the original Xbox, 360 gamers will have plenty of games to choose from.

The launch title list which features Call of Duty 2, a sequel to a high selling first person world war two shooter, Kameo: Elements of Power, a thrill-ride of exploration, puzzle-solving, and 3D-battles, and Perfect Dark: Zero, a long awaited prequel to the N64 hit Perfect dark, is very strong that suits all types of gamers. Other games include; Project Gotham Racing 3, Tony Hawk’s: American Wasteland, Madden NHL 06, and Gun. With six sport titles, four shooters, three racing , three action/adventure , and two extreme-sport titles, it wont be hard choosing which game is right for you.

Launch title prices range from $60 bucks to $50. Most of the games sport the higher price of $60 but others like Project Gotham Racing 3 and Perfect Dark: Zero will be selling for only $50.

On the Backwards compatible list all of the original Xbox hits are included. Games like Halo, Halo2, Ghost Recon2, Rainbow Six 3, Half-life 2, and the Knights of the Old Republic will be compatible on the 360, providing you bought the bundle that includes the hard-drive.

Microsoft reports that nothing will be changed to the original Xbox games but they will look a lot nicer. For games that had trouble loading cut scenes like halo2 could see the problem going away. Everything else will stay the same game wise. Microsoft has also said they will continue to up-date other Xbox games so that they will be able to be played on the 360.

As for Xbox live play, Microsoft has not announced if gamers on the 360 will be able to play the original Xbox games with Xbox users. This could cause problems for people on the original xbox or it could force them to buy a 360 if all of their friends have already.

Special Thanks to and for the pics. Also see the complete list of Launch games here and the list of backwards compatible games here.